A Drift


I want your mind

Translucent waves keep me from seeing the beauty you behold

The thought about your love keeps me surmised

Although I chase the sweet aroma of your body the thought of your touch keeps me occupied

As I chase the inevitable I seek to reach my hand out

She shines bright so it’s hard to see past her blue eyes

Running through the forest I catch my self-stripping to my boxers as I take a blue dive

Plunging into the what seems as romantic abyss

Each stroke the heart begins to reach

Gasping for love swimming for truth

Gathering focus by the surface I want to be close to grabbing you

I am blinded by what seems to be a shroud of petals as I take in the delicate aroma

Dawn, as the petals blow me away into the sea

I want to drift with you but the feel of free sailing if we don’t make it

As she silences me I close my eyes to think of what could be

To think of what is hasn’t had the time to grow

With deep thought, I can feel your presence

It’s time to let go

It takes time to sail a sunken ship than it is to reach the shore

I can’t have you, I wish you many more


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