La Vie Incertaine

Cover Photo


To start off what is lost

Happiness is what they seek

Can he look in the mirror and tell himself

He strives to become what he can be

Can she look away the negative to bring gratitude

What are there goals

Rather than her petty altercations

Who is it she calls her king

Rather than the fatuous joker

She seeks peace and to find love but what’s love if she can’t kindle a fire

Tough love is a somewhat over admired

Where is his energy, if it can be destroyed

It takes time to calm and warm a gentle mind

Once life takes its turn

When it’s gone he get a chilled spine

How is he suppose to enjoy the fruits of life

If every time she picks the tree she grasp the rotten crops

They all go through trials

What’s worst is to see a tribulation go to waste

If she can’t see the picture why can’t it be ended face to face

Broken promises

One day was always a spoken dream

At this point on life

He was finally opening up to claim a queen

They  have to be kind

To unravel what you find


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