Dark Awakening 

In the darkest days he still shines

He’s not selfish but has no shame to claim “what’s mine ”

So who are you?

I grew up in the city kicking rocks and picking up dimes

Hot summer days call for ice cream 

How can you tell me I stole this money ?

I found these 

Who are you to judge by the color of my skin

A raisin was once a grape 

Don’t you think the sun does the same thing?

If a wolf cries is it alone ? 

If you live a life together, why do you die alone?

We are entitled to our own opinion but where does history lay the facts ?

Why is there still discrimination between whites and blacks?

It’s 2016 I thought we as a nation was better than that?

If my hands are up, will you shoot back?

Back to the basics

Off to the races 

One bullet takes us back to the race issue 


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