Just Dig Deeper

What does it mean to love
A desirable treasure locked away forever in search of the spot that marks X
Digging up the past, reaching for the future 
With a firm hand the shovel hits something stiff 
[“The mind starts a day dream”]
If you dont live forever, Why do we buy gifts
If you speak more than you show, Why isn’t you that is at the top of my list
How do you prove rather than fault
There are times we push forward but when do we know when to stop
If the bird never jumps , will it die nurtured in the nest
But for those that jump will the flight be smooth as the rest 
Why do we pursue things we dont want
 Rather than hold on to the things we need
If the wound was cut deep how long will we reach before the soul bleeds 
Crying out 

Help Me 
If we say one lie dont you think the rest will come clean
If life was meant to be free why dont 

we push for the finer necessities 
Rather than what people think of us
To Be in control of your own destiny 
Who knows who controls our fate 
Mind games are just a twisted state 
Either you believe or be deceived –
If life was meant to be happy 
Why cant we smile with the littlest of things
Rather live lavish in a world so futile 
More of anything causes more problems
So why not express more 
With paying less
But if life was meant to explore 
Why dont we stop paying for the same flings
When there is more out there to see in life which is a beautiful thing 
More out there than the X on most young hands
What does it really mean to live life
If you choose to settle, how do you really embark
Any fool can know, the point is to understand 
How do you posses potential but never push exponentially 
Life, a hard concept to grasp but if you can’t explain it you don’t understand it well enough
[“Hey what did you find?”
“Just some old rusted beer cans from the young kids again”]
Just Dig Deeper 


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