About me

Hey, my name is Mario.

I’m currently a Junior in college. I attend East Carolina Univ. I love to play baseball, write poetry, and talk. I’m confused about life so while I still live everyday I try to comfort myself around people I necessarily don’t like but its alright. I love to write poetry because it helps me with my emotions when its hard to express them out to the world. I take it to pencil and paper, what else is better? I enjoy conversations with people to make them laugh and think. I’m very optimistic in many ways, I always tell my self ” You never know unless you try so just do it”.

As I try to convey my life just read and comment if you feel its worth it.

Feed back is very good, because its in the same category as advice.

Thanks !


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. It’s a pleasure to have you around, Mario. I wish I started blogging when I was a freshman at UConn. That would helped me fight off depression a lot sooner. Now that I am no longer a victim, but a survivor, I love helping others with their tough times too. College was never meant to be easy, but with your mindset, you can achieve beyond your graduation date. I wish you the best of luck in the future. Continue to express yourself, and you will definitely go farther than your heart has ever imagined. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much, I’m trying to be more diverse and different while still helping and understanding my purpose in life. This Blog is a great way to escape the wonders of the world and focus on school.

    Fare well
    and continue your further success in the future.
    Thanks for supporting me.

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