Self Preservation 

imageHow hard is it to be happy

To fight what’s inside

To overcome anger and let go of pride

Time has changed but only few get every minute of it

To be immortal has its perks

To be loved by all

The live joyously without fear

To be strong in the eyes of anyone near

Or to be called a coward

To be tortured of frivolous decisions

A social pariah in the eyes of all

What is like to be accepted ?

Rather than have a title and its expected ?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

The one who tells you become closer with your inner self

Insecurity as you cloth yourself

Who am I as the mirror glistens a vague shadow

The fright is here as you lay there thinking

What am I doing here ?

Photos flash as you see time wasted ?

Quickly sitting up you realize its not you who you are Portraying

Dream until your dreams come true

Eventually you’ll wake up

Or sleep until your realize your dream was never thought of


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