A Drift


I want your mind

Translucent waves keep me from seeing the beauty you behold
The thought about your love keeps me surmised
Although i chase the sweet aroma of your body the thought of your touch keeps me occupied
As i chase the inevitable i seek to reach my hand out
She shines bright so its hard to see past her blue eyes
Running through the forest i catch my self stripping to my boxers as i take a blue dive
Plunging into the what seems as romantic abyss
 Each stroke the heart begins to reach
Gasping for love swimming for truth
Gathering focus by the surface i want to be close to grabbing you
I am blinded by what seems to be a shroud of petals as i take in the delicate aroma
Dawn, as the petals blow me away into the sea
I want to drift with you but the feel of free sailing if we don’t make it
As she silences me i close my eyes to think of what could be
To think of what is hasn’t had the time to grow
With deep thought, I can feel your presence
Its time to let go
It takes time to sail a sunken ship than it is to reach the shore
I can’t have you, I wish you many more

Dark Awakening 

In the darkest days he still shines

He’s not selfish but has no shame to claim “what’s mine ”

So who are you?

I grew up in the city kicking rocks and picking up dimes

Hot summer days call for ice cream 

How can you tell me I stole this money ?

I found these 

Who are you to judge by the color of my skin

A raisin was once a grape 

Don’t you think the sun does the same thing?

If a wolf cries is it alone ? 

If you live a life together, why do you die alone?

We are entitled to our own opinion but where does history lay the facts ?

Why is there still discrimination between whites and blacks?

It’s 2016 I thought we as a nation was better than that?

If my hands are up, will you shoot back?

Back to the basics

Off to the races 

One bullet takes us back to the race issue 


Here lies a story about a man lost in his mind  The thought of losing this pride takes over

He cries

You don’t understand what it feels like to be alone

To have her walk out your life man she is really gone

How can you trust again?

You let one get under your skin

All the way from day one

What’s hot is cold

Quickly your mind is froze

Where will the time go ?


Quiet thinking hurts we know

But you can’t keep running

It cuts deep

You can only repeat

“I don’t need you I don’t need you”

Only a fool can say what he feels

But only a women can realize it’s real

Take the time to cherish you

This life is short

I mean at the end of the day it’s only you

Self Explanatory 

I don’t want to die too young 
More of America’s understatement

It’s more like trying to find the right home 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but sticks to the norm

Seek guidance but take wrong path

Suffer the consequences but blame the crowd 

Violence has no color but most people see it as black

What happen to the childhood dreams 

The playground where most kids made the most friends 

Now it’s over who has the most likes 

Or did y’all see that fight?

Man, if education was the root to success

How could you not push for the opportunity at hand 

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Push for something new , make a way   

Don’t give the world a bullet to shoot you away 

Create a product of intellectuality, instead of being a product of your environment.


Benevolent Foliole

From a tree the leaf falls

A hand out to catch what is left

On one side you see the color

On the other you see the journey it had from afar

The veins which sprout life at one point in time

A long season of cold winter, harsh weather but still held on

The leaf is small but delicate

The tree still root strong

A little eager to see what’s in Stored

The seeds which grow into a better tree

You ask yourself are we still good?

Reproduction works well with proper sunlight and water

However as the leaf falls it is quickly falling for the next seed

Forever ingrown learning is immaculate

To be bigger than the last but learned from the previous

Sometimes if you can’t let go just fall and learn from far away

You’ll always smile and continue to grow

Self Preservation 

imageHow hard is it to be happy

To fight what’s inside

To overcome anger and let go of pride

Time has changed but only few get every minute of it

To be immortal has its perks

To be loved by all

The live joyously without fear

To be strong in the eyes of anyone near

Or to be called a coward

To be tortured of frivolous decisions

A social pariah in the eyes of all

What is like to be accepted ?

Rather than have a title and its expected ?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

The one who tells you become closer with your inner self

Insecurity as you cloth yourself

Who am I as the mirror glistens a vague shadow

The fright is here as you lay there thinking

What am I doing here ?

Photos flash as you see time wasted ?

Quickly sitting up you realize its not you who you are Portraying

Dream until your dreams come true

Eventually you’ll wake up

Or sleep until your realize your dream was never thought of


My Life Story


Sharing what matters the most

Nothing last forever

So while you have it cherish it everyday

Life is unpredictable

With the right morals

Write your destiny

A loved one should know how much you care

Beloved by a vast amount of emotions and memories

Let your past guide your future

And let your future reflect your life

Although you live once

Patience paces your every move

The world is round and full of excitement

With a smile

True Love Last Long

Take the day to recollect the everlasting memories

Envision the next step

And take a big leap into time

Just Say

Happy Valentines Day!

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New Days Create New Ways


Being accustomed to reality plays with the mind
What is it that you seek?
A dream is a mirror image unless thought prevails motion
Is it love?
Just a tweak
Who do you admire?
Could you tell your self everyday I love me?
Smile through the the bad because it’s happiness  you seek
What are your goals?
What do you pursue?
They key to success is to be humble and thank those who have helped you
Take a leap of faith to soar a life of fulfillment
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
The one who tells you closer
Insecurity as you cloth her
The fright is here as you lay there thinking
The hardest part of life is letting your pride Take over yourself esteem
Love yourself and believe in me